Sunday, May 24, 2009

day twenty one

here is the tank and fender with the sealer sprayed on them.  ALWAYS spray your raw metal with sealer before puting any filler down. what allot of people dont understand is that when you mix up filler it causes a chemical reaction that creats heat. heat on metal will draw moistier out of the metal causing condensation to form between your metal and filler. then you get rust forming under your filler, ever wonder why those hack fill jobs always wind up with rust under the filler. well thats why.
so it only took one skim coat on this fender to get it where i wanted but if it needed more filler another coat of sealer would be needed.

here i sprayed down some primer, then misted some flat black over the top. this is called a guid coat. when you sand the fender any low spots will show up with black in them. when you can sand it and have zero black you know your part is pretty flat. (always use a block)

here is the storage box after a skim coat ready for the first coat of primer. it took a few coats to get this thing right.

here it is with primer and guide coat.

i built this profile tool by just roughly cutting the shape of the edge out of a paint stick. after cutting the stick put down some packing tape on the fender. put some body filler on the tape then smash the stick into the filler. when it is cured you can pop the stick off the fender and sand down the extra filler. now you can swipe the profile guide through some filler to create an even detail line on the fender edge.

here are the box and the fender right before i sprayed the black  base coat down.

if you have the chance to use an oven it makes the painting go a little faster.

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