Sunday, May 24, 2009

day 22

here is a little piece of leather that i stamped out to place between the box and the frame, this will stop any sqeeks that this joint might be inclined to produce.

here is the box mounted on the frame with the highbeam and horn switches on the box.

here is my pangea emblem mounted on the lower triple clamp cover

so i wanted to utalize the choke on this bike, i am all about riding these bikes so standing around with my hand on the throttle waiting for my bike to warm up isnt an option.

i took the stock hand controll that had the choke lever built in and raan it through the band saw.

after the saw i clamped it in the lathe and gave the bottom a nice flat plane.
i had to make a short little pull cable to actuate the choke so i cut down the stock cable then took some .25 in steel rod and drilled a hole through the center.

after drilling the rod i cut it off too about .25in long, then i continued to weld the rod to the shortened cable.

here is the set up all mounted on the carbs. it is pretty discrete and really easy to get to, just the way i like it.

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