Sunday, May 24, 2009

day two three

i recruited my dad to build the wiring harness for the bike. its getting down to the wire on getting the bike done for the smoke out so i can use all the help i can get. my dad has wired everything from little tiny prototype lights to airplanes.

here is jess displaying the tail light fender combo.

i welded some tabs on the underside of the fender to hold the wires off the tire. i used tefzel wire for these wires since they are going to take some abuse.

this shot shows the fender, sissy, and engine installed.

here is the tank in primer with the first skim coat of filler sanded, awaiting the second primer coat.

second primer coat complete.

this is the first coat of the ivory base coat.

i did two coats of base and 2 coats of clear, i cleared it so that i didn't risk harming the base when i did the masking for the graphics.

here is jessica color sanding the clear with some 1500, sorry about the pants jess. i got an added bonus of g-star denim dye on the tank.

for the graphics i masked the entire tank off with 3m blue masking tape. make sure all your tape joints are stuck down really well. run over all the surfaces with a squeegee.

for the circles i just made a compass that originated off the center of the gas cap hole. you have to use your best judgement when finalizing the lines because some of them didn't wind up exactly right visually due to the shape of the tank.

here it is after having my way with the x-acto knife. try not to press hard cause you don't want to cut the clear coat. use a brand new blade lightly.

first coat of black base.

the black base with the masking removed.

here it is after being cleared.

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