Sunday, May 24, 2009

day 20

after the removal of the electric starter i was left with this huge hole in the tranny.

to solve the hole issue i just went over to this engine building shop by my house and they had a steel freeze plug that fit perfectly. sorry i forgot what size it was but you can figure it out pretty quick with a pair of dial calipers. if i remember right it was a pretty round number like 1.80in

doing the engine turning on the side cover was pretty easy. i just put the roloc mandrel from my grinder into the drill press with a scotch brite pad mounted on it and that was that. i thought about drawing out a grid so they were all exactly even but after doing it i dont know if that would be very valuable.

here is the engine mounted in the frame with the side cover on display.

this phot is a little bit late but i machined these little bosses to mount the coil in the electrical box under the seat. i just drilled some holes in the box then welded around the boss.

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