Sunday, January 25, 2009

day three

here is a shot of the bike getting stripped down, i am going to leave the engine in so that when i cut the frame the engine mounts wont move anywhere. i am also leaving the front end on the bike to aid in keeping everything straight and square.
in this shot i have the bike up on my bike table, at this point i went through and documented all the dimensions ie: wheel base, axle height, ground clearance, handlebar height. i just have the bike sitting on blocks right now since i have yet to determine exactly what my ideal ground clearance is

right here i am starting to cut the rear section of the frame off keep in mind if you have the engine removed at this point you need to build a jig to keep all the frame tubes in location or as soon as you start cutting you run the risk of warping and twisting resulting in allot of head aches down the road.

cut the frame long so that you can later scribe and grind your tubes nice and square that way everything will fit up right. i using a jig saw with a fine tooth blade, if you have a tight area a cut off wheel works well too.
this is what it looks like with the rear section of the frame cut off, as you can see i still just have it sitting on the wood blocks at this point i will start making decisions about how i want the bike to sit when its all finished.

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