Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day six

on the chain stays you are going to want to make some solid slugs and rosete weld them in the joint where the chain stay hooks to the original lower frame rail.

here the new hard tail section is getting welded on, make sure to jump around allowing the heat to disapate so you reduce warpage of the frame.

in this shot i have the frame welded and am starting to think about where i want to put my tank and rear fender. i am actualy just going to use the stock front fender with a few modifications.

i am planning on ditching the tach, ignition switch, turnsignal indicators etc. so here is a mount i have come up with to locate the speedo. it is made out of .090 6061 aluminum sheet.

here it is cut out prior to bending it, i placed a slight bend in the mount to kick the speedo up so that it is easyer to read, maybe 30 degrees or so.

here it is mounted on the bars.

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