Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day seven

for the seat i took a piece of cardboard and made this template i test fit it a bunch of times and bend it into the arc i thought i wanted to end up with.

when i got my pattern close to what i was looking for i drew a centerline down the cardboard and cut the pattern in two halves. when i had my half pattern i then layed it on this piece of scrap 1/8 in steel, my scrap was painted already so i scribed a centerline and placed the half patern on the centerline. scribe the pattern then flip the pattern to the opposing side making for a symetrical seat pan. i would go back over your scribed lines with a french curve and circle template to make sure everything gets cut out smoothly.
here the seat sits on the frame in mockup mode, i dont have a slip roller so i bent the shape into this by hand. first i clamped the pan in the vise at the back of the seat and slowly bent a very slight arc, then i released the vise and slipped the pan down about 3/4in and repeated the bending motion, i did this about 5 more times to create the front to back bend. for the bend on the sides what i did was clamped the pan on the centerline in the vice, then i got a large cresent wrench and clamped it down on the side. with it as deep in the throught as possible i slightly bend the pan in the desired direction then move lateraly about 3/4in work slow and you will end up with smooth bends.

here it is witht he spring mounts welded to the frame and the springs bolted to the seat pan. i ended up tacking the bolts to the pan so that after upholstery you wont have to use a screw driver to tighten the fastener.

this bike is going to be running a jockey shift so here is what i whideled up, i just cut off the stock foot shift and used the splined boss to attatch too.
here is the first test run, the riding position is actualy really comfortable, i was originaly planning on running some drag bars but these stockers are kinda growing on me so i think i am going to roll with these. i cut 1.25in off each side to get a little skinnyer look.

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