Sunday, January 25, 2009

day four

after determining the desired ground clearance i came up with this jig that will hold the frame at that height, this willbe welded to the frame and screwed on to the table top. if you have a metal table just tack some posts to the table and that will do

draw a centerline down the middle of your table the find the center of your jig and mark it with a sharpie. slide the stand under the bike and make sure the bike is centered over the jig. at this point come up with some way to lock the front wheel in place centered on the table.

make sure you have everything square and straight then tack the frame to the jig. make sure you do some pretty hefty tacks because you are going to be joncing, hammering, beating on the bike and you dont want it to move.


  1. looks like a good start man. check out and send some pics when you get a chance.

    Thanks ted