Sunday, April 26, 2009

day six teen

here are the triple clamps all broken down, painted and ready for assembly

when installing the risers make sure to use loc tite on all the fasteners and i am even going a step further and safe-T-wireing them since i would rather my bars didnt rattle off.

cut off a piece of wire the is 2.5 times longer then the distance between bolts. feed the wire through and around the shaft of the bolt ensuring that the loop is tightening the bolt if the bolt comes loose.

use your wire plires to twist the wire to 8-10 twists per inch. feed the wire through the next bolt in the tightening direction.
twist the remaining wire to the same 8-10twists per inch spec as before.

here is how you should bend the wire so that you do not stab your fingers later on down the road.

here is the triple clamps and bars all mounted up togeather.

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