Monday, April 20, 2009

day fifteen

here is the frame all finish welded, ground, sanded, and drilled. after pulling the bike down on to the ground and sitting on it i tor it all down and did all the final changes that neede to be made.(sorry about the lack of pics during that stage my camera hit the deck and exploded)
here is the frame in the paint booth after being returned from the sand blaster.

laying down a few coats of sealer will give your paint a good foundation to build on.

here is the first coat of dupont chroma base black.

here is the house of kolor dry metal flake being added into the dupont chroma clear.

when spraying the gold/clear make sure to do long strokes with your gun to ensure even flake distribution ( notice how the axel plates are dark, this area will need more attention to build up the gold flake)

here is a close up of the final product.

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