Tuesday, April 7, 2009

day 14

i machined a pair of bungs for mounting the fender to the sissy bar out of some 5/8 in round stock. i thought it would look cool to run some wingnuts jose de miguel style.

i broke our tubing bender the other day so now i am left doing these bends like a savage.

here are the fender struts tacked togeather on the bike. i feel it works allot better by just building the fender struts and sissy bar on the bike rather then on the bench, this way you know what your getting and that everything is going to line up exactly where you want it.

here it is again fully welded with the tail light in place.

here is the beginning of the sissy bar. i drew out what i was looking for on graph paper to make sure i was going to have enough room for the tail light to clear. on the drawing i also ploted out the location of the upper fender strut bosses, from there i drew out the bend on the sissy bar. after establishing the shape i wanted i started bending the stock and compairing it with the drawing untill everything matched.

here i am compairing each part to make sure they are all running at the same angle. always remeber to tack your parts in place, measure, adjust, measure, adjust, maybe cut and retack, measure one last time, .....then finish weld it.
here it is mounted on the bike, all squared up and finish welded .

here is a shot of the rear brake cable retainer i made, i just machined a counterbored boss on the lathe and cut a slot in the side for the cable to slip in to. make sure to do some really sturdy welds on this since its what makes the brakes work.

close up.

this phot kinda sucks but what this pic is showing is a lever stop that keeps the clutch (and brake) levers from flipping backward.

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