Saturday, June 27, 2009

day twentysix

so i rode the bike around for a while pretty much everything went well, it is super fast, brakes work good minus the back brake doesnt return like i would like. oh the kick stand sucks too. then this happens...... yeah the bolts on the stator rattled loose and ran into the flywheel. yeah it pretty much destoyed everything. hmm how am i going to fix this with like t minus 5 hours????

here is the carnage, so i called around no one had a banshee stator plate... well the dealer had one for $600.... yeah right! so i hopped in the car and went to my parents house to rob one off my moms banshee, sorry mom.

after a bit of work with the mill and the tig i had it all straightened out.

here it is at like 1000 rpm.

to fix the back brake problem i built this bracket that hooks to the lever arm on the drum, from here i hooked a spring to the frame.

here we are just before we headed out to arizona for our adventure. jess, me, jeff, and jake.

i 15 on the maiden voyage!!! feels pretty good, well worth the long nights.

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