Saturday, June 27, 2009

day 2-5

so the last week and a half i have been staying until about 2am or so trying to play catch up. here is whats happens when you are half asleep trying to use an angle grinder. no fun.

here is the bike back down on the ground, i love how light & low it is i cant wait to ride it.

tank mounted.

the stupid this will not start, not even a hint of starting. straight up stone wallin me. here i am trying to ajust the timing on the cam sensor.

we even tried to bump start it...... bad idea it doesnt work, or at least i couldnt get it to hahaha

at least we had a good support crew jessica and jeffs wife nikki kept our spirits up. jess went to the mexican market and bought us some of the good sodas you know the ones with real sugar not the corn syrup trash they put in the american garbage.

here i am at like 2:30 am the day we are supposed to leave for AZ. i still cant get the bike to start, my friend james sudgested that i put my new larger jets in. i pulled the carbs and cleaned everything out turouly and installed the new jets. after installing the carbs back on sure enough the bike fired right up! it fired like second kick, i was shocked, it even ideled pretty close to where i wanted it.

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