Monday, February 2, 2009

day nine

here is the pile of tubing i recived in the mail, you can get mandrel bent tubing for pretty cheep off of ebay.
i had to machine off about .050 off of the i.d. of the exhaust clamps to allow for the larger tube dia.
here is a shot of the lathe doing its thing. i just ran a boaring bar back and forth a few times and it did the trick.
i had an idea of how i wanted the exhaust to run but wasnt set in stone on anything. its alway nice on a setup like this where you have really loose requirements that you have to meet.
here are the first few bends all layed out. when i was doing my aprenticeship a guy named gary kendall showed me a trick that really helps out allot when working with tube. when laying out a cut fold a piece of paper in half and wrap it around the tube and make sure that the paper lines up even on both sides then mark it with a sharpie. what this does is makes sure that your keeping a straight line around the tube and if your working on a bent tube it helps to reduce the chance of "cheating the bend". allot of people like to substitute tape for the paper but tape is designed to bend around a corner so it doesnt always give you a straight line.
here the pipes are tacked togeather and seam to be fitting up well.
this is basicly how the tips are going to sit i am going to extend them a little bit to clear the frame but you get the idea.
another shot.

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