Saturday, February 28, 2009

day 12

i just wasn't feeling right about how the exhaust was looking, it was too understated so i decided to add to it, this is what i came up with. i am liking this allot better now, it doesn't get over powered so much by the battery box i am building under the seat. speaking of that... 
here is a rough cardboard pattern that i whipped up to simulate the profile of the box.
this shot shows the pattern lay ed out on the .040 al sheet. the space in the middle of the traced pattern lines is the material needed for the bend radius on the front of the box. to get that number i knew i was gonna bend it over a piece of 1.125in tube so i found the circumference of the tube then divided it buy 3.
i radiused the edges of the box the same way i did on the saddle bag using a hammer and dolly clamped in a vise.  stay tuned for more.

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